What Is Song Revelation?

Song Revelation is a music blog covering the best that music has to offer. The best new music, the best artists, comments on the best gigs and best festivals and the best up and coming musical talent.

Song Revelation

Song Revelation

I’m Kevin and am the editor and main contributor to Song Revelation. Music is my passion.

Make sure you bookmark this site ;-). Every few days interesting, informative and cool new musical articles will be uploaded for you to enjoy. Make sure you check it out every day during your lunch hour, if you’re at home in the evening and if you’re out, on your ipad or laptop if you have one to hand ;-).

In addition to the in-depth and interesting musical articles, the other aim of this site is to unearth the next musical gems of the 21st century. The new Bob Marley, the new Iron Maiden, the new Rolling Stones. I firmly believe that whatever people say now days that there is still serious musical and performing talent out there. If you’re good enough then we want you on this site to show everyone else how good you are too. :-)

I hope you’ll enjoy checking out this site.

Finally, the biggest thing about music is that — MUSIC IS FUN!! We shouldn’t forget that so get involved, enjoy the articles and enjoy music.



Editor – Song Revelation


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