Champagne Republic

Artist Interview – Champagne Republic

Champagne Republic is a great new band from Vancouver, Canada consisting of Emily Chambers, Marty Majerski, Philip Laessoe, Eric Lipschultz, and Nathan Wylie. Despite only …


Artist Interview – Tourist

Tourist is an upcoming rock band from Austrlalia featuring 4 talented musicians; Luke Brown (Lead Guitar), Dave Paddon (Vocals/Guitar), Mike Richardson (Bass/Vocals), Steve Richardson (Drums). …

The Stacey Y Band

Artist Interview – The Stacey Y Band

The Stacey Y Band is a great upcoming band from Toronto, Canada consisting of Stacey Y (Keyboard and Vocals), Tom Hanley (Guitar), Mark Rynkun (Bass) …

Lauren Wolf Band

Artist Interview – Lauren Wolf Band

The Lauren Wolf Band consists of Lauren Wolf (Lead Vocals), Patrick Dugan (Guitar/Vocals), Mervin Dimailig (Drums/Vocals) and Bill Marzano (Bass) from Chicago, Illinois. They are …

Lisa Ahlstrom

Artist Interview – Lisa Ahlstrom

Lisa Ahlstrom is a Finnish singer, now living and working in LA. After checking out Lisa’s press release and latest songs we were really impressed …

Steve Ryan

Artist Interview – Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan is singer-songwriter and performer from Atlanta, Georgia. We discovered some of Steve’s music on Sonicbids and were really impressed. He is currently working …

McClain Sullivan

Artist Interview – McClain Sullivan

McClain Sullivan is a soul inspired singer-songwriter who is originally from Seattle but is now living and working in Brooklyn, NY. After checking out some …

Naia Kete

Artist Interview – Naia Kete

Naia Kete is an upcoming pop-reggae inspired singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. You may recognize Naia from the latest season of The Voice and after listening …

Blaire Alise and the Bombshells

Artist Interview – Blaire Alise and the Bombshells

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells are a young, upcoming rock and roll rock band from Detroit, Michigan and are our latest Sonicbids feature artist winner. …


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