MP3: Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross’ “Blacks”

Enigmatic Chicago artist Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross is only starting to crawl out of — their? its? — shell. Well, make that his shell. The American blog darling has revealed himself to be just one person, a 24-year-old playing under a completely made-up moniker cribbed from Rosicrucian iconography. How’s that for obscure? (His given name is actually Dexter Tortoriello).

A detail of the cover for Dawn Golden and Rosy' Cross' debut EP

But these days, with the way music circulates quickly as data, that was all anyone needed to know to fall in love with his bedroom-produced, electronic indie pop. Well, that’s not an entirely accurate term. In hazy-textured songs like “Blow,” also the title of his debut EP, there are Gen-Y snippets of all kinds of styles. The songs themselves are often downtempo slow, but built on rattling pseudo-hip-hop beats, but overlaid with pop piano and mournful, singer-songwriter style vocals. It’s definitely music of the short-attention-span, iPod generation, but it comes together in a beautifully heartbreaking way.


The handful of tracks Tortoriello has allowed to circulate on the Internet have been enough to score a joint record deal with Downtown Records and super-producer Diplo’s own imprint, Mad Decent. It’s due out on April 12 in the States, where Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross just played its first real string of super-public dates, as part of the annual industry-centrix SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.


Tortoriello’s pulled his Blow EP form his Bandcamp site, which now remains surprisingly blank (, but you can still legally enjoy the track “Blacks” below until the next record comes out. And check out this promo trailer for Blow, but only if you’ve got a strong stomach — that mystery stain on the bed is probably best left unexplained!



MP3: Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross – “Blacks”


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