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The David Sinclair Trio (or DS3 to their friends) are an alternative rock band from West London consisting of George Andrew (Bass and Backing Vocals), Jack Sinclair (Drums) and David Sinclair (Vocals and Guitar).  At Song Revelation we were delighted to interview David so that we could share the band’s experiences with you. Read the full interview below to discover, amongst other things, what creative process the band goes through to create a track, what they’re hoping to achieve for the rest of this year and what they do to relax.


David Sinclair Trio at the Latitude Festival

David Sinclair Trio



Q: If you could classify your music in a genre or a number of genres what would it be?



Q: If you could use a tagline of less than 20 words to describe your music and who you are what would it be?

Rock’n’roll songs with attitude & class. Classic guitar trio sound. Stories not solos.


Q: What is your musical background?

Played drums in the 1970s & 1980s with bands including TV Smith’s Explorers and London Zoo. Switched to vocals & guitar and established David Sinclair Trio in 2005. A child of the blues & punk.


Q: How was 2010 for you?

Tough. I wrote a song about it called “Winter of 2010” which is on our new album: “A cold wind cut across field and fen/In the winter of 2010/I wouldn’t wanna go back there again/To the winter of 2010”.


Q: Who inspires you musically?

Rolling Stones, Ray Davies, Paul Weller.


Q: Which modern day artists do you look up to?

Dave Grohl, Seasick Steve.


Q: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate or gig with?

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards would be cool.  We worked with Paul Jones and Robin Trower on our new album. Awesome musicians.


Q: What songs are on your ipod at the moment?

Esperanza Spalding, Primus, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Deerhoof, Grant Lee Buffalo.


Q: What is your creative process for creating a track?

Start with the guitar. Get a riff or chord sequence. Then an idea for a melody & a lyric comes. A good, original title is important. Then take it to the band, see what they make of it and how it sounds in “real life”. I write for them. I love to hear how the drums & bass work with what I’ve written.


Q: What’s more important, melody or lyrics?

Equally important to me. But in reviews and other forums my songs are always praised most for their lyrics.


David Sinclair Trio

David Sinclair Trio



Q: Where are you based?

West London.


Q: What’s it like being where you’re from?

It rocks.


Q: What are you currently working on?

Our third album, Take Me There, is released on August 29th. So we have just signed off all the artwork and other stuff you got to do. It’s a surprisingly long and bureaucratic business releasing an album. You gotta get ISRC codes, MCPS permission, PRS publishing, PPL repertoire metadata forms, etc. The management have to earn their keep.


Q: What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

We just played Latitude Festival on Saturday. Paolo Nutini was headlining so we played a version of his song Jenny Don’t Be Hasty. That was a top moment!


Q: What are you hoping to achieve in 2011?

Radio play, glowing reviews, chart action, non-stop gigs,  fame & riches beyond belief.


Q: Do you have any gigs or shows that you’d like to tell us about?

We are playing at The Rhythm Festival ( on Saturday 27th August alongside Toots and the Maytals, Imelda May, Jack Bruce and the Tracie Hunter band (daughter of Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople).


Q: What do you do to relax?

I’m always relaxed. If I’m not writing or playing music, I play tennis.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to let our readers know about?

The band is what it’s all about for me: we got George Andrew bass/vocals & Jack Sinclair drums/vocals. It’s an all-killer-no-filler rhythm section!

Album: Take Me There (Critical Discs/Proper) in shops/online on August 29th


David Sinclair Trio

David Sinclair


Editor’s Note: The David Sinclair Trio mould their punk, blues and rock musical influences with a dynamic individualism to create an appealing alternative rock sound.


If you’d like to contact or learn more about the David Sinclair Trio just follow the links below:


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