Vivian Girls Get More Joyful on New Album, Free MP3

The all-female trio Vivian Girls started, honestly, with low expectations — until they became a favorite on the Brooklyn artiste party scene about three years ago. When their scrappy sound, equally inspired by girl groups and punk rock, started gaining momentum, the blogs and press pounced. By late 2008, they were bona fide indie stars, thanks to cheerful, danceable stage shows and a self-titled debut album released earlier that year to critical and fan acclaim.


Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls, from left to right: Fiona Campbell, Cassie Ramone, and Katy Goodman

This was their second record, though, released the following year and titled Everything Goes Wrong, that set the band on a seemingly endless tour — and possibly, inner turmoil. In recent times, the band’s gone through two different drummers, both the original and her replacement, and the members have wandered into various side projects, like co-founding member Katy Goodman’s La Sera.


No matter, though — they found harmony, figuratively and literally, on their upcoming third album, Share the Joy, its first for the label Polyvinyl Records. Like the title implies, it’s a buoyant work of 10 songs, full of sunny singalongs and vastly improved production over the band’s earlier, more lo-fi efforts.


A still from the band's video for "I Heard You Say"



“It’s cleaner and more hi-fi than the previous records,” frontwoman Cassie Ramone said in a statement about the album.  “The sound is more open, more free. I think that this album really shows our strengths as musicians, and shows us melding together musically. It’s more psychedelic and less shoegaze. There’s also a lot of organ on it, which is new for us.”


As proof of the newly invigorated, but definitely still retro-influenced, vibe, just check out the official video for lead single “I Heard You Say.” The song and the video both sound and look, respectively, like forgotten, dusty nuggets from the mid- to late-’60s. View it below, and get a free link to the MP3 below as well.



Download: Vivian Girls – “I Heard You Say”


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