Do the Numbers Add Up for Musical Groups?

The White Stripes

The news that The White Stripes have officially split up will have caused great consternation throughout the world of indie music. In saying that, the Detroit duo belong as much to the world of blues, country, folk and hard rock as indie such was their versatility and talent. The fact that two people, with one of them being described as a fairly limited drummer, could make such a varied sound on stage and on record indicated what a talented duo they were. It is sad that The White Stripes will no longer be around but music fans will no doubt be treated to a lot of new songs by Jack White in a various number of bands.




When it comes to bands and what is deemed as proper music, it may be difficult to think of too many duos that have lit up the world of music. The Carpenters would be an obvious candidate and comparisons would be made with the fact that both duos features girl drummers. Some may go further to suggest that both groups featured brother and sister acts. This is certainly true for the Carpenters but the story about Jack and Meg White being siblings was a rather tall tale created by Jack.


The Black Keys are Another Great Duo


In more recent times but remaining in the blues rock vein that the White Stripes specialised in, The Black Keys are a standout band. The duo has picked up a large fan base in recent years and a lot of this is down to their scintillating live shows. Even though there are only two people on stage for the Black Keys, their mix of drums, guitar and keyboards makes more than enough volume and melody to keep everyone satisfied with the raucous entertainment.


In a similar style, UK indie kids have had the Ting Tings emerge as a duo that can fill venues and raise the roof with a spirited showing. The duo owe a lot of their success due to their smash-hit ‘Thats Not My Name’ but with two albums behind them, they have more than enough material to play a headlining set. The same can be said for another UK indie duo, Blood Red Shoes, who also tend towards the side of blues tinged indie rock. It is interesting to note that both of the UK acts provide a mix of gender but unlike The White Stripes or The Carpenters, the drummer is male whilst the up-front guitarist and vocalist is a female.




Some of the Best 80’s Electronic Acts were Duos

Musical duos in music are nothing new but there is definitely something that stands out when they perform. Whether it is early 80’s electronic acts like Yazzoo or Soft Cell or more modern acts like The White Stripes or the Black Keys, there is enough evidence to show that two people can make the music that millions of people all around the world enjoy. Music fans will definitely be upset about the absence of The White Stripes from the music scene but there will hopefully be new duos to enjoy and see in concert.


The Black Keys


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