Don’t Give Up on Kate: There’s an Album on the Way

Unless you’re a die-hard fan, you would never believe that Kate Bush is releasing an album in May. The 52-year-old’s album, Director’s Cut, is a collection of remakes from albums, The Sensual World and Red Shoes. There have been rumours that the national treasure with the idiosyncratic vocal style is working on new material for another album, release date is not confirm- you never know, it could be another decade!




This is the first album in five years. Her last album, Ariel, which sold 1.1 million copies worldwide (excluding the US), was released in 2005. That’s an impressive comeback, as the pervious album, Red Shoes, was released in 1993.

Kate Bush



So what did one of UK’s successful female artist did during the 12 year period? Bush was a big fan of films and acting. In 1993, she directed and starred in a film, The Line, The Cross, The Curve, which Bush later described as ‘a load of bollocks.’ The following year, she provided psychedelic-theme music for soft drink firm Fruitopia that was aired in the United States.


As her public appearance reduced, the tabloids labelled her as an ‘electric recluse’. But something far more precious moment happen to Bush- she gave birth to her son Albert or ‘Bertie’ in 1998 – not many people know this fact. Among the rubbish film (her words, not mine), producing music for commercials and providing her son a normal life, Kate was also working on her much anticipated 2005 album.


Kate started out as a bright-eyed and light-footed 19 year-old with her first single, Wuthering Heights. The song stole the top spot in the UK single charts for four weeks, making her the first ever woman to have a UK number one with a self-penned song. Bush continued to pave her way as a creditable artist as she was also the first ever woman to have top spot on the UK album chart.

Kate Bush



Bush –renowned for combining performing arts with (described by the media as) eclectic/ pop art music– churned out classics after classics, including Babooshka, Running Up That Hill, Cloudbusting The Sensual World, Don’t Give Up and more recently King Of The Mountain.


So will we relive the classics through up-and coming tours? Kate only did one concert during her 30 year music career – and that was in 1979. So the answer to that is don’t hold your breath.


Director’s Cut is out on 16 May.



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