Is a War of Words Ever Good Between Bands and Artists?

There is an old saying that “all publicity is good publicity” and you get the feeling that many of music’s great rivalries have been put on by press agents and the media. There was always talk of a rivalry between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones but that was never really true in real life. Away from the media glare, the two acts would often socialise together because after all, no one else really knew what they were going through. As much as there appeared to be some conflict between these two great bands, they had an affinity and friendship that most bands would struggle to obtain.


The Beatles in America



You get the impression that there is a lot of hype to get bands names in the paper but in all honesty, the Oasis and Blur feud was at least genuine. The two acts may have been on a reasonable level at first, with Blur the more established band being fulsome in their praise of Oasis but when ‘Some Might Say’ got to number one, things started turning nasty.


They all live in a house, a very big house

This was the first chart topping track of the Britpop bands and Damon Albarn started to sense he could be left behind. From there, a feeling of resentment and bitterness seeped out from both camps which ultimately led to the battle for chart supremacy. Looking back, neither ‘Country House’ nor ‘Roll With It’ featured either band at their best but fans of both acts bought singles in their droves and created a genuine chart battle. Blur ran out winners, thanks mainly to having more CD options and better promotion but with regards to albums, Oasis definitely won the war.  After a while, the individuals in both bands decided to grow up a bit and the war of words stopped.


Well, the war of words stopped between Oasis and Blur but it was not as if Liam and Noel had to look far for rivals to slag off, not when they had each other. These two had a relationship that could only be described as stormy and it was no real surprise when Noel walked out on the band citing irreconcilable differences. After some taunting and baiting from both camps, things went quiet for a while but it looks as though it is all about to start again.

Liam is getting to roll again

Beady Eye




Liam Gallagher, now fronting Beady Eye with the non-Noel members of Oasis has come out of the blocks first and the band are close to undertaking their first UK tour and officially releasing material. This has given Liam the opportunity to once again slate his brother Noel and state once again than an Oasis reunion is not likely to happen (at least for now!) It is unlikely that Noel will take this lying down and even though his solo material is probably not scheduled for release for a good while, it would be a surprise if he doesn’t pass comment.

The publicity probably won’t do Liam any harm as he attempts to prove Beady Eye are worthy of carrying his vocals but you should not be surprised if there are many more outbursts to come, if only to hide the fact that Noel’s songwriting skills are absent from the new group.


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