Are Individual Band Shows Better than a Festival?

Although festivals are a great way to socialise with friends and see lots of bands, how many bands do you actually get to see? Getting a lot of people organised to move between tents and stages can be difficult and it is often easier to grab a beer and sit with friends relaxing. There will always be one or two bands that people must see but the rest of the day can become quite hazy with regards to filling your time. Festivals are great fun but for some people, they are all about a major act or two.


In recent years, more and more bands have been staging big events of their own and 2011 looks set to be no different. You have boy band Take That ruling stadiums all across the UK once again but bands like Arcade Fire and the Arctic Monkeys have also announced major outdoor shows for the summer. The prices for these one day events are usually comparable or cheaper when compared to the summer festivals but they also have a number of benefits.

Arctic Monkeys




There is no need to camp

As these events are usually one day affairs, there is no provision for camping but that also means there is no need to sleep in a tent and no mud!

Festival Mud






The majority of open air one-off gigs will take place in major cities which are accessible by public transport. If you stay in or near the city you can make it home to your own bed at the end of the night. If you do not stay near the city, there are plenty of hotel options to select which means you can at least grab a shower and get a good night’s sleep. In this regard, one of gigs are more enjoyable and comfortable than a festival held in a field in the middle of nowhere.



Returning to the idea that people turn up for festivals to see one or two bands, surely this type of event is better for these fans? With the headline act responsible for bringing in the majority of the crowd, it will be more likely that the support bands will be of a similar nature and will be more appealing to the people who will come along to the big gig. A festival may provide 100 bands to see but if the majority of them play music you do not like, they are not going to be of interest to you.


The focus will be on the headline act

These one off shows allow the music to be tailored towards a particular genre or fan, which should make the bill better value for money. It is also worth remembering that if a band is playing a one-off show near you, it is likely that they will not be performing at a festival near you, such is the way of contracts and exclusivity deals.

A headline slot at one of these shows should also allow the band to play for longer and to create the stage set-up in the way they want. This means that fans of the band will get better value for money and the stage set-up will be more tailored to the performance the band wants to give, something which does not always happen at a music festival. Festivals are great and they are always going to be around but if you like a particular band or musical genre, a more focussed one-off special gig may be much more appealing!


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