Will Evanescence Return in 2011?

The band Evanescence has evolved significantly over the past four years. Slowly progressing since 1995, the band has changed members quite a bit, reportedly for a number of different reasons. Since 1995, front woman Amy Lee has been the band’s constant member, originally founding Evanescence with former guitarist Ben Moody. She has since then taken time to write, record, and release the band’s albums, and guitarist John Le Compt, drummer Rocky Gray, and co-founder Ben Moody have all left and have been replaced since 2007.

Amy Lee - Evanescence


Today, fans everywhere have been questioning whether or not there would be a follow-up album to The Open Door, which released back in 2006, due to the myriad of breakup rumors that have swirled since the band’s major transitions. Now here we are nearly four years later, and if you are and avid Evanesce fan, that is a very long time! If you find yourself missing the band’s incomparable Gothic pop rock sound and Lee’s killer vocals, then you have probably been dying for the band’s comeback. Amy Lee made an announcement about new material in the works during the summer of 2010, subtly alluding to a new album release in late 2010, and spoke to Spin magazine about it earlier in the year. The album never happened, and fans immediately sunk back into Evanescence limbo.

Amy Lee

So what’s an Evanescence fan to do? Will Evanescence finally return in 2011? Thankfully, amidst the unsettling drama that has surrounded the band– including the loss of their former manager and guitarist Terry Balsamo’s stroke—there may finally be light at the end of the tunnel. Another album is rumored to release in the spring of 2011, with the possible title Deep Silence. Although there has been some speculation about this throughout the fan communities, the band’s news section of the official webpage has recently been cleared, indicating something may actually be in the works. Whether the album does indeed hit the shelves in the spring or not, we can be sure to expect more haunting melodies and hard-driving riffs from the band in the near future.

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