Rock and Roll. Where are You?

The good old days when AC/DC and The Rolling Stones were making music were time that changed the world of music. To this day people are using these artists as their guidelines to making rock music. There’s no one in this generation you can even compare to some of these great artists and we all wish we could find someone who could follow such rock royalty.

AC/DC - Part of Rock Royalty?

Lets Rock and Roll all day and party all night, but it seems you have been waiting a long time for music to do just that. What used to be called Rock is now considered Classic Rock. It’s sad to say that any current rock that is around today, you have to look at bands like Nickelback or Creed. No offense to any fans out there who believe that these two bands can compare to any of the good old names of such bands like AC/DC, Rolling Stones, The Beatles or Jimi Hendrix. But they can’t. It’s great to look back at these bands and see the greatness they created, but at the same time it’s sad to see that no one in my generation is creating anything close to this rock nature.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Now it may sound like complaining that there is no good rock music coming out at all. This is not true at all, it would just be nice to see a band step up and set that bar for the next generation like these bands did before them. Instead of hiding behind the fame and creating satisfactory rock. If you truly disagree and want to make a case that there is a single band or artist out there that can dare take on the great Jimi Hendrix or The Beatles. Please enlighten the world, because the world is in the need of enlightening on some Rock that has been missing for to long.


Any sort of  an audience or fans of any sort of rock; Punk, Head Bangers and even Soft Rock, to show us a reason to follow you. Give us a reason to belong in a musical generation to admire that even our kids can look at and be inspired. Don’t let the Rock and Roll era end, let’s bring back something that was part of the American culture and show the kids and rock fans today how to truly make music great.

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