Has Devandra Banhart Left The Underground?

Devandra Banhart has so many original and powerful tracks but not many people know who he is. It’s surprising that someone with so much talent and great works of art is not recognized for his work as he should be. Devandra Banhart is by far one of the greatest artists of our time and so little people know or have even heard his name before.

Devendra Banhart

Devandra Banhart can be said to be one of the most original artists in music to date. He has produced many tracks that only few have really heard. When my generation speaks of good music I hear Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga over and over again. But when an actual artist like Devandra comes along with great songs like Little Yellow Spider, and doesn’t receive any credit for his works it gets upsetting. To argue that he doesn’t spark your imagination just listening to his thoughtful and sometimes goofy lyrics is a battle you will lose. His songs are creative and unique that can be related too in many different ways. Some may read into his lyrics one way and others a different way. No matter which way you read into them you agree they are great lyrics in their own manner.


Doubt that Devandra is really looking to become a mainstream singer or become super famous from his musical works, which just adds to his originality when it comes to his music. He may like to stay underground for you could really argue that the true lovers of music are the ones who dig deep enough in music to find the underground music. So even if he is left to be an unknown artist, you should believe he should be the one of the most credited unknown artist there is. In the long run he is sure he will begin known in people’s minds when people speak of great singer/songwriters. Although, you wish he could receive the credit he deserves it may be better for him to stay right where he is. To not only keep him separated from other artists but to allow him to keep his unique style and creative mind set, un-tampered from any of the mainstream business he may be dragged into. For any other Devandra Banhart fan you will feel the same when said, that sometimes the greatest of artists need to be left to their own genre. Not cast into another one where they don’t fit or get the recognition they deserve. We can only thank him for his music and wish him well and to hopefully continue upon his path of creativity.

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