A Little Classical Never Hurts

Classical music gets a bad reputation as being for rich or geeky people. Really it is one of the most difficult and most beautiful genres of music ever to be created. The works of Beethoven to current works of artists like Danny Wright are all pieces that any one person who listened too them, couldn’t disagree there is nothing but beauty in the writing and playing.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Most people consider Classical music to be boring or for anyone who is over the age of 60. If you were to listen to four different pieces created and played by the great Beethoven, you would erase that image from your mind. Every Classical music piece has a story to it that the artist shares with you. Not with words, but with instruments and sounds that can range from a solo pianist to a symphony or orchestra. A talent that can only be achieved with utter greatness upon ones instrument can you really hear the story and feelings in a song. Classical gives you all of this in one genre that will not blow your mind but blast it to another universe of music.


The beginnings of all music can be translated to have some kind of relation back to Classical. From the notes or rhythms in the songs, or even the melody or inspiration a song might bring to a fellow artist. The younger generations have already taken Classical music and stomped on it repeatedly, saying it doesn’t have any flavor or excitement. Although, agreeing there are some pieces of Classical music that can lull you to sleep. You have to understand these composers and artists are creating all this music simply from their own talents and an instrument. Not a fancy recording device or sound amplifier. It’s just a person with their feelings and thoughts being played out on an instrument.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Classical is great to listen to but not trying to convince anyone to become a hardcore fan. A little Classical music would never hurt anyone, in fact it’s proven in tests to improve a persons IQ simply from just listening. There is no doubt that someone who truly gives Classical a chance will not be disappointed to find a new genre to indulge in. So not only asking you, but promising you to give Classical a chance to be heard and you will broaden your musical horizons to another level. If interested check out the different works of Beethoven or Mozart. Any of their musical pieces will show you a new world of musical feelings and thoughts to deal with. Another great example is Cannon in D Composed by Johann Pachelbel.

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