A Little Windy In Indie?

Indie music can be destroyed before it is truly taken serious. This is a statement that is truer than people give credit. The more great Indie singers that come out it seems the more copy cats seem to tag along on their coat tails as well.

Indie music has grown from an underground music scene to a more accepted mainstream music genre. With the popularity growing in such bands as Modest Mouse or The White Stripes, you begin to see bands coming out, that tarnish the true meaning of being an Indie band by just copying these other bands styles. This is destroying a genre by wrecking their own ability to be creative in their own music styles.


This entitles fans to begin to question the whole genre in a whole. Who can you consider a true Indie singer or song writer? Do they have to be unusual or unheard of? Do they need to copy another Indie singer’s style or sound? A good way of determining if a band is a high quality Indie band, is to just listen for a personal and creative sound that isn‘t a carbon copy of previous bands. Bands like Modest Mouse have been able to distinguish their band from others with their own songs that can be recognized easily. Other bands such as Death Cab for Cutie and Metric have also been able to do so with making their unique sounds a staple for their image. Many bands entering this area of music have troubles doing this with the Indie scene beginning to become mainstream music.

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie

With Indie coming to be a more respected and more popular genre, you see bands coming up that like to tag along onto the success of these other great bands sounds. This begins to destroy this genre’s reputation before it can begin to be seriously taken as a credible genre. All an Indie fan asks of any band is to respect the music population. Don’t take away what the great starters of this genre have worked so hard to create. Fans are not against Indie going into mainstream music, but would like to see the genre begin to form back to where it began from.

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