City Festivals Proving A Big Draw

The Camden Crawl

The Camden Crawl - A Music Festival in a City

When you think of music festivals, it is inevitable that you will start to think of the major outdoor summer festivals featuring massive crowds and big headline acts. These festivals dominate the summer months and most music fans look forward to at least one of these big festivals every year. The major outdoor festivals are facing competition from a number of small yet perfectly formed city festivals, all of which are able to offer many benefits over the outdoor festival.

One of the best examples of this style of festival would have to be the Camden Crawl, which has reached veteran age for a festival. The premise of the Camden Crawl is simple with each attendee getting a wristband that allows them entry to every venue taking part in the event. Each venue will have a number of bands appearing and this goes on through the night and into the small hours of the morning.

You still get the thrill of running from band to band

Much like an outdoor festival will see you running from stage to stage to see the acts you like, the city festival replicates this with fans charging from venue to venue to see their favourite acts. This can lead to some interesting interaction with people not taking part in the festival but the premise is the exact same for major festivals. If a venue is full, much like if a tent was full, you should move on and try and catch someone somewhere else.

These city festivals provide good value for money with a large number of bands on the bill for considerably less price for a summer festival. Depending on where you stay, the location of the city festival is likely to be easier to reach and find accommodation that staying at a camp site. Whether you can make it home at the end of the night or are staying in a hotel, the benefits of a bed, a shower and proper food means that these festivals have a huge advantage over their outdoor counterparts.

Most major cities have had festivals like this

Other examples of these city festivals would include the Stag & Dagger festival which has taken place in London, Leeds and Glasgow. The Great Escape in Brighton is another fantastic example of this style of venue and if you look closely enough, there will be local examples of these festivals all over the country. Edinburgh had the Haddow Fest; Glasgow has had Hinterland and the Sauchiehall Crawl whereas London areas like Shoreditch have had numerous festivals of this manner in recent years.

Anything which gives music fans the opportunity to see a lot of bands has to be encouraged and these festivals are a great alternative to the traditional music festival. Staying away from the mud is a huge bonus for many music lovers but the distance between some venues may mean that rain is unavoidable. Regardless of the weather condition, this style of music festival is a welcome addition to the music scene and if you get the opportunity to check out a wide range of bands in your city, you should take the opportunity.

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