Essential Albums That Everyone Must Own (And Probably Does)

Lists of classic albums that everyone must own usually contain the same albums by the same bands but there is a reason for this, these are the bona fide genuine classic albums that have stood the test of time. These are the albums by the biggest stars of the music world and the ones that will still be played long after we’re all gone.

The Beatles - Revolver

The Beatles – Revolver

The inclusion of one Beatles record over another will always lead to debate and ‘Sgt. Pepper’ is usually the standard choice for the all time classic lists. ‘Sgt. Pepper’ is great but ‘Revolver’ appears cohesive and brighter. From the black and white cover by Klaus Voorman to songs like ‘Taxman’, ‘Elanor Rigby’ and ‘For No One’, The Beatles musical output was expanding rapidly and the band were on the edge of shedding their mop-top pop days for good. Closing track ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ was a step into the unknown and one which the band dived straight into over the following years.

AC/DC - Back in Black

ACDC – Back In Black

Not many bands are able to bounce back from the death of their charismatic front-man so quickly and no other band managed it so well as ACDC did with their ‘Back In Black’ album. With Brian Johnson taking over the dearly departed Bon Scott, the album stands as a tribute to their lost leader.

The album doesn’t deviate from the ACDC blueprint, songs about drinking, partying and women litter the album but the band had never been tighter than they were on this record. How ACDC would have turned out if Scott stayed alive is open to debate but this record remains one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time. ‘Hells Bells’, ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’, ‘Have A Drink On Me’ and the title track remain huge favourites amongst an ACDC audience.

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Any album that contained the songs ‘Thriller’, ‘Beat It’ and ‘Billie Jean’ is of the highest quality but Michael Jackson managed to release 7 singles from this 9 track album. This makes the fact that the album has sold around 100 million copies even more remarkable and is still a huge seller to this day. This album captured Michael at his musical peak and even though the acclaimed ‘Bad’ album was to follow, this record is regarded as Jackson’s finest moment.

Oasis - Definitely Maybe

Oasis – Definitely Maybe

You may feel that a Beatles album has already been included in this list but ‘Definitely Maybe’ was more than just the breakthrough debut album for the Mancunian lads, it reignited British guitar music. It’s 1994 release, alongside ‘Parklife’ by Blur and ‘Dog Man Star’ by Suede brought the attention back to UK guitar music from American grunge acts and it set a new scene into action overnight.

Sales of their second album eclipsed their debut but Oasis never managed to recapture the spirit of this album again. If you take a trip to any karaoke and you can be guaranteed there will be some Liam follower sneering out songs like ‘Supersonic’, ‘Live Forever’, ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ or ‘Slide Away’.

With so many albums to consider, any list of classic albums could run and run, the above are just four records that deserve to be in your record collection and played on a regular basis.

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