Artist Interview – JOANovARC

JOANovARC is an all female rock band from the UK whose exposure and success has steadily grown since their first interview on Song Revelation almost …

Elyse and the Affair

Artist Interview – Elyse and the Affair

Elyse and the Affair is an upbeat rock band from Montreal, Canada, consisting of Elyse (Lead Vocals) Karine Tremblay (Guitar), Sebastien Savoie (Guitar) and Sergio …

Satellite Flight

Artist Interview – Satellite Flight

Satellite Flight are a rock band from Cincinnati, OH consisting of Chris Vondrell, Chris Tillery, Eric Darling and Travis Wells. Satellite Flight are starting to …

Instant Empire

Artist Interview – Instant Empire

Instant Empire is a 6-piece indie rock band consisting of Scotty (Lyrics & Vocals), Doug (Keyboard and Percussion), Sean (Lyrics & Guitar), Aaron (Bass & …

Reasons Be

Artist Interview – Reasons Be

Reasons Be are a Pop-Rock band from Los Angeles consisting of Scotty Dickert (Singer), R.E.L (Guitar). At Song Revelation we we’re really impressed with Reasons …


Artist Interview – MOTU

MOTU is a Blues guitarist from NYC and is our latest Sonicbids feature interview competition winner. Many indie artists ask us at Song Revelation how …

Father Of A Thousand Kids

Artist Interview – Father Of A Thousand Kids

Father Of A Thousand Kids is a great live band consisting of Kjartan Ericsson (Guitar, Vocal, Keys), Kjell Arne Kjærgård (Lead Vocal), Endre Åsebø (Bass, …

Sébastien Parentin

Artist Interview – Sébastien Parentin

Sébastien Parentin is a musician who is currently living in Strasbourg, France. At Song Revelation we look to give you an insight into the lives …


Artist Interview – Lijie

Lijie is an upcoming singer-songwriter who is currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Despite Lijie’s increasingly hectic schedule we managed to get in touch …


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